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Fast Food Accessibility Associated To Additional Heart Attacks

The areas having greater many fast-food restaurants have additional heart attacks, as per to new research submitted at CSANZ (Cardiac Society of Australia and New Zealand) 2019. The research discovered that for each additional fast food outlet, there were additional four heart attacks per 100,000 people every year. Study author Tarunpreet Saluja—from the UoN (University of Newcastle)—said, “The results were consistent in metropolitan and rural areas of New South Wales and following adjusting for obesity, age, high blood pressure, high blood lipids, diabetes, and smoking status. The results emphasize the significance of the food environment as a latent contributor to health.”

Saluja said, “Ischemic heart disease—including heart attack—is one of the major reasons for death globally. It is known that consuming fast foods is associated with a higher chance of life-threatening and nonfatal heart attacks. In spite of this, there is a rapid growth in the availability and buying of fast food. This shows the necessity to explore the role of food accessibility in the prospect of having a heart attack.” Saluja further added, “The past studies have stated that the poor nutritional value, saturated fat, and high salt in fast food is linked to heart disease, still the role of higher accessibility to these restaurants has been unclear.”

On a related note, recently a study showed that excess body fat or weight leads to cardiovascular disease. This is the first study to analyze these factors by using a method known as Mendelian randomization. The research was published in the European Heart Journal and showed that as BMI (body mass index) and fat mass surge, the risk of aortic valve stenosis also increased. It is a condition in which the valve monitoring the flow of blood from the heart to the aorta—the body’s largest blood vessel—shrinks and fails to open completely.

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After pursuing a Master’s degree in Nutrition & Dietetics, Bethany Anthony started her career as a medical blog writer for a reputed research-paper publishing company. She gathered appropriate knowledge about health and medical-related concepts during her college time. In her previous job, she became an expert in expressing her viewpoints as well. Therefore, The Industry Press Release portal has served her the designation of Associate Editorial. Apart from editing, she also writes articles and blogs on social media platforms for spreading health awareness among people. She has been holding the experience of around five years in the content field.

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