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Methylated DNA Can Help Aspirin Alter Breast Cancer Results

Recently, it was found that the women who have specific DNA characteristics present in areas of the genome have the tendency to live longer if they consume aspirin even before they are diagnosed with breast cancer. This study can help use aspirin as a potential to prevent or treat breast cancer in women. However, it is puzzling to see some benefit from it while the others remain unaffected. Here is where the gene sequence was found to play a vital role but only the tailored DNA helped. The epigenetic changes like DNA methylation helped make the genome unique. According to the researchers from the University of North Carolina, they found the DNA methylation to play an important role in influencing the effects of aspirin in breast cancer patients.

The researchers are trying to find the effect of DNA methylation on the aspirin use and mortality rate in women with breast cancer. The non-methylated DNAs in women with breast cancer were found to remain inactive against aspirin whereas in the case where DNA has methylated the influence of aspirin was found to be more effective. The DNA methylation profile can help medical professionals identify which individual will benefit from aspirin. The breast cancer diagnosis can be eased using epigenetic markers and help improve the survival rate in women with breast cancer.

The National Institutes of Health research team led by Epidemiologist Dale P. Sandler has shown that eating red meat can increase the risk for breast cancer whereas eating white meat can lower the risk. As the consumption of red meat is found to have increased among the women, the researchers have taken up the initiative of making women aware of the disadvantage associated with it. Thus, the detailed study on the consumption of which type of meat can help validate its effect on the associated risks.

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