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Lacuna Space Plan To Deploy IoT Wave With A 32 Cubesat Constellation

CEO Rob Spurrett of Lacuna Space is sure that his organization will partner with the Internet of Things ventures so as to successfully launch constellations of CubeSats into the space to help connect the world soaked in smart devices. The IoT market with smallsats is being eyed by 16 companies. The start-ups including Fleet Space Technologies, Kepler Communications, and Eutelsat are the ones planning to deploy IoT with small satellites. Lacuna Space is found to be leading the current plan. The major focus here is to offer the lowest price service and a full 32-satellite global constellation for better ground communication.

The IoT is always thought of a cost-effective application. However, the system’s setup and operation are going to be critical. The prototypes of 4 lowest cost satellite systems are what Lacuna Space plans to launch by the year-end. Lacuna Space plan to launch the first payload with SpaceWorks Orbital, an IoT startup by next April boarding an Indian Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle. The second prototype with Space Missions will be launched on a Rocket Lab Electron mission followed by the third prototype with Open Cosmos on an Arianespace Soyuz and the fourth with NanoAvionics on Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV). The company plans to use signals let out by LoRa-standard IoT sensors rather than relying on a dish.

Lacuna will have its satellites connected to the LoRa-based devices through the satellite gateways with the help of Semtech Corp. By the end of 2020, Lacuna Space will have its prototype satellites out in space. The organization plans to fly satellites up to 500–550 Km and the constellation will use 6U Cubesats. Likewise, earlier, Lacuna Space and NanoAvionics had signed a second agreement to incorporate LoRa-linked Space Gateway into M6P nanosatellite bus of NanoAvionics that will be launched by the fourth quarter of 2019 boarding a PSLV. Both the firms joined hands for the Lacuna Space technology demonstration mission.

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