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Linkspace Has Its Reusable Demonstrator Reach 300 Meters In Altitude

One of the private firms named Linkspace has recently completed its launch and landing test. This launch performed by the Chinese-based company has come amid the bunch of activities taking place in the commercial launch vehicle sector. Linkspace Aerospace Technology Group successfully performed its RLV-T5 tech demonstrator’s third low-altitude unbound launch and landing test. This step was taken in order to carve out a name for itself in the reusable orbital launch vehicle sector. Linkspace has concentrated exclusively on creating a reusable, liquid propellant launcher. It will be the first wave taken by a private firm in the space domain.

The rocket was seen to reach an altitude of 300.2 Meters at the time of its 50-second flight before landing vertically. CEO Hu Zhenyu of Linkspace has made it clear that the launch tests of 20 and 40 meters will be carried out next year in March and April, respectively. The RLV-T5 was tested in a new facility located in the Lenghu region. The vehicle is powered by 5 variable-thrust rocket engines that use liquid oxygen and ethanol. However, the RLV-T5 tech demonstrator was found to have covered a small distance which is the concern the astronomers are planning to focus on. The company plans to take the success of RLV-T5 as the first baby step taken toward developing a completely reusable rocket for the future.

Likewise, the company is planning for its next RLV-T6 tech demonstrator rocket. In 2012, the company plans to test the NewLine-1 orbital launcher that will be carrying 200 Kg to a 500 Km sun-synchronous orbit (SSO). The RLV-T6 reusable tech demonstrator will be designed such that it can reach 62 Miles in terms of altitude. Lingyun 10-ton thrust methalox engines that were created by Jiuzhou Yunjian will be used to power RLV-T6. Through these reusable rockets, China plans to expand in the space market.

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