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Facebook May Have Ended Talks To Purchase Houseparty Over Antitrust Issues

The FTC is probing Facebook yet one more time, and it is claimed to be delving into potential antitrust means. Critics recommend its purchases of WhatsApp and Instagram were conducted, partly, to stave off possible competitive dangers. With authorities and regulators placing Facebook’s business means below the microscope, it appears it is making modifications to stop the further antitrust probe.

It was supposedly in discussions in 2018 to purchase Houseparty, an app for group video chat from the Meerkat team. On the other hand, it concluded the discussions after a few weeks, as per media. Sources claimed to the media that Facebook eventually made a decision to buy another sizeable player in the social networking segment posed too much of an antitrust danger. Epic Games in June ultimately bought Houseparty.

The FTC supposedly found papers that offered it cause for worry on the antitrust end when it probed that the firm in 2018 over its privacy means. Facebook eventually decided to pay an FTC penalty of $5 Billion associated to its privacy concerns, comprising the Cambridge Analytica scam.

The agency got acceptance from the Justice Department to begin an antitrust probe into the firm earlier in 2019, the media reported. Since then, examiners are claimed to have contacted various founders of firm that Facebook has purchased to attain insight into its acquirement methods.

On a related note, Facebook has filed a court case earlier against two Android app creators for infecting their consumers with a virus that forged clicks on ads. Both the Singapore-located LionMobi and the Hong Kong-located JediMobi were a fraction of the social media behemoth’s Audience Network. The program allows advertisers on Facebook host their ads on member mobile apps, whose creators get a payout if a consumer taps through. In the case of LionMobi and JediMobi, Facebook blames that many of ad clicks created via their apps were not from an actual person.

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